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23.05.14 ...Playing Field

08.04.14 ...A Wadi Fish

As entries in this sort of journal testify, I am not the daily shooter type, the one with the Instagram profile which flows abundantly every day of the year. My Instagram, instead, looks like a Wadi: it remains dry for long periods and then, unsuspected, it is filled with images. You can thank the #5xinfinity, a sort of photographic relay, for the last time this happened.

16.10.13 ...Autumngram

16.09.13 ...A dog's lullaby

rain and owl, water in the bowl, dug a hole, back are cows,
summer's gone, soon it'll snow, dream of crawl', sleep now

04.08.13 ...Vacations

11.07.13 ...Panoply

My photography takes shape through a wide range of tools, these days. A small amount of family photos is shot in medium format b&w film and then printed on selenium-toned fiber-based paper. It is my way to fight back digital obsolescence: all you need to watch them someday is just a little bit of light. On the other end of the spectrum, casual shooting is the realm of the ubiquitous phone: post-production on a tiny 3,7" screen is fun anyway.

18.06.13 ...Renzo Lovisolo

13.06.13 ...Superhero Sunday Afternoon

25.04.13 ...Over the North Sea

14.04.13 ...Finally

...spring has come. Rolled in by a row of thunderstorms.

24.02.13 ...Election Days

31.01.13 ...100%

Image quality of Fuji X-Trans sensors is great: I can finally blow up an image at full size on my monitor without getting disappointed. Here is a 100% crop from the previous image (center of the frame, in camera sharpening set to -1).

19.01.13 ...Here we go again

Tags: #mamamia #homedecor #2months-and-half-and-counting #newyear #not-your-typical-pregnancy-shot #curtains

01.11.12 ...Instaseasonal

25.10.12 ...Business trips

Just some more taciturn taxi rides and cramped fuselages, overheated meeting rooms and carpeted hotel halls, diluted coffees and cheap art on the room walls.

05.10.12 ...Filter your flash!

Built-in camera flashes, even if lousy in terms of power, are useful fill lights that are always with you; just underexpose their output and add in front of them whatever filter you have at hand (an inflated balloon in this case, a glass of beer, or even a band-aid as suggested by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey).

18.09.12 ...Mezo di Gosto

A quick shot (available light, fast prime lens) from Sancta Maria di Mezo di Gosto devotional procession in Iglesias, Sardinia: on the 15th of August enormous wooden candles are carried by members of the city guilds through the streets at night.

25.07.12 ...a song swirling in my head

Feeling unknown and you're all alone/ flesh and bone by the telephone/ lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer...

(in Johnny Cash cover version, of course)

23.06.12 ...Turning Forty

17.05.12 ...3G and be there

I’m easily entertained by the ubiquity of camera phones and their full choice of embedded crappy post-production…

PS: how could it be that they are still selling Lomos for hundreds of bucks?!

25.02.12 ...Banksy was not here

05.02.12 ...Wintertime

A week-long snowfall and sub-zero temperatures outside; time spent inside putting up some large pictures on the wall

23.01.12 ...New Year Day

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Dragon begins today

21.12.11 ...Coding

Latest redesign of my website lasted almost four years: it was built around a very flexible frame. Its flash-free evolution is rolling out today. Enjoy!

16.09.11 ...Burn 02

A quick self-portrait published in Burn 02

15.08.11 ...Donkey's Years

Beaches are so crowded today that humans tryng to sunbathing are sandbathed by their random neighbours.

24.07.11 ...Arugula

"...small restaurants three tables wide and four chandeliers deep, with decor and menus that have changed hardly at all since before arugula was discovered... "

Roth, American Pastoral

04.03.11 ...Winter night

Give me a pair of snowshoes, a dear friend to walk with and stars enough to show the track

11.11.10 ...The whale

"If you should write a fable for little fishes, you would make them speak like great whales."

from Moby Dick, Extracts (Supplied by a sub-sub-librarian)

21.10.10 ...Italy

...or the banquet of democracy (even Spiderman could not save us from ourselves, I fear)

24.08.10 ...They really like it

The guys over at Hasselblad Owners’ Club seem to really like one of my shots: it is among the 10 most popular images of the month for the second time in less than six months! Here is another shot from the same session.

17.08.10 ...Beedies

Far from being a regular smoker, from time to time (basically when I can find them) I indulge in beedies, the Indian "cigarettes" rolled in tendu leaves. A pack of 20 (as this 501 Mangalore Ganesh beedies) sells for about 5 rupees (less than 10 Euro cents). A tendu leaf picker earns 1 rupee every 50 leaves he collects...

07.07.10 ...Notebook light

Turn your notebook on and turn it into a 15,4" soft light...

09.06.10 ...In Trentino’s that time of the year when, in meadows, there are more flowers than tourists...

08.04.10 ...Number 5

Some time ago I joined the Hasselblad Owner Club and then almost forgot about it. Now it seems that I am halfway amidst the “10 most popular Hasselblad photographers” of March, according to other members’ votes. Cool!